Ryan Munce has been the best thing that has happened to our goalie! Our son loves hockey and lives to play net, but we knew (and so did our son) that he was not realizing his potential and wanted some goalie mentoring. A good friend Robby sent an email that his buddy Ryan Munce was in town and willing to mentor and teach young goalies. After researching his name and seeing all his accomplishments we jumped at the chance. 


We were not disappointed! Niko and Ryan had an instant connection. Ryan’s gentle and approachable personality, current real time drills and method of explaining his techniques in terms our boy understands and using his own awesome career stories as examples and learning tools blows our son away! In the years Niko has spent with Ryan he has excelled in his play 1000% — he’s more confident, stronger, quicker and a more productive goalie for his new team. We thank the stars for the day we found Ryan and our son and us look forward to many more sessions and camps with Ryan. Thanks Muncie!

Nico Daws

World Junior Team Canada, NJ Devils, 3rd Round Pick

Hockey schedules become busy and elite level goalie training is hard to find, that’s why Ryan Munce Goaltending created advanced performance training camps that integrate on and off ice drills and development programs with goalie specific fitness strengthening and mindset and visions training. 


Combining the experience and knowledge of an NHL skill level goaltender with the mindset of an experienced goalie coach, this personally delivered training camp also provides the unique combination of professionally guided yoga and stretch classes, mindset training with experienced meditation teachers as well as vision and confidence building sessions from experts.


Starting each day off with two hours of on-ice drills, we then move on to goalie-specific strength training on dry-land. After lunch, we resume on-ice training for another 2 hours to further heighten skill and execution, then conclude the day with one hour performance mindset training. Each student will receive a customized report on strengths and weaknesses as well as a personalized video analysis.


Each camp is kept small for personalization and more one-on-one time with Ryan and his highly trained instructors.

Nadia Rupoli

ACHA Division 1 Hockey

This past season I played for the Vaughan kings and was drafted in the OHL priority selection by the Peterborough Pete’s this year and have been training with Ryan Munce since my first year of making rep. Through the 8 years I have been with Ryan, I have built a strong relationship with him and he has shaped me into the goalie I am today. 


Ryan has always been by my side through the ups and down and he cares about every single one of his students and is much more than just a goalie coach. If I am in a slump or just not feeling as I usually do, I can always talk to Ryan and he has always been there for me. Ryan pushes me to my limits and knows everything about the game. If I ever have a question, he will always have an answer. I can’t wait for many more years with Ryan and for him to be a part of my goalie journey forever.

Mikael Kingo

Peterborough Petes OHL Prospect

After a confusing minor midget year Ryan simplified my game and made my midget year the best year of hockey yet. He also brought up my confidence and skill level. Since then Ryan has helped me to excel to the OHL level and I couldn’t thank him enough.

Christian Purboo

Sudbury Wolves OHL

Ryan and I have been working together for 6 years now. When I first came to Ryan, I relied heavily on my athleticism to stop pucks and ignored the technical side of goaltending. Ryan immensely improved my technic and efficiency as a goaltender throughout the time we worked together and still work together to this day.


Without Ryan I wouldn’t have been able to make the steps necessary to progress from AAA to Jr.B to the OHL.

Tanner Wickware

Barrie Colts, OHL

Ryan Munce is an amazing goalie coach who has helped me develop my technical skill set and my mental game. He always has a purpose when presenting a drill and can point out bad habits that I didn’t realize effected my personal performance. He explains why it is not the most efficient technique then follows up with a more effective one. With that, he explains how and why this new technique is more effective and goes above and beyond at teaching it. 


More importantly, Ryan is truly passionate about teaching goalies of all ages. I started working with Ryan when I was about 12 and he is definitely a big reason why I am playing at the division one level

Tia Chan

Connecticut Huskies D1